Winery and Dwelling (Transformation of a Farmhouse), Brusata di Novazzano, Ticino, CH, 2019–ongoing; 700 m²; Architecture: Atelier Amont; Collaborator(s): Stefano Dell‘Oro; Client: Private (Direct Commission); Structure: Enrico Pellegrini (Stabio)

A farmhouse in the historically protected centre of Brusata, near Novazzano, has been transformed and extended multiple times over the past two centuries. The layers of these changes are visible and the strategy has been to retain them as such, while only making repairs where necessary and adding on yet another layer for contemporary requirements. In recent years, the current owner has started to maintain vineyards in the surrounding fields and intends to transform the building into a winery with a small apartment or office within the attic floor. Besides removing the non load-bearing walls, the basic structural solution was developed with the client and an engineer to insert concrete “tables” into the larger rooms, where the heavy loads of the wine necessitate more than the existing walls can handle. The new foundations for the posts of the “tables” are offset from the existing walls, so as not to interfere with their own fragile foundations. The placement of these posts are coordinated to best effect in relation to the movements of the machinery necessary for production. The roof is marginally raised to allow a certain amount of light into the attic, creating a specific atmosphere, which is reinforced by particular windows in the new timber walls, glowing green with the light reflecting up from the surrounding vineyards below.