La Scalitta

House, La Scalitta, Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola, Sassari, Sardinia, IT, 2020–ongoing; 120 m²; Architecture: Atelier Amont; Client: Private

This house has two courtyards. One is contained and first experienced upon entry through a gate at the street – various rooms look onto it, and it thereby offers a microcosm for, say, a rare tree to grow so we can concentrate on it through the window, and provides a respite from and counterpoint to the immense pressure of the omnipresent draw to gaze at the Mediterranean. The other courtyard is bound only on three sides by walls, and then opens out over a pool down the hill towards the open sea. These two, somewhat opposing instances occur as events within a loose formal bonding of elements – there is no prescribed path. Any issue then in questioning of meanings is vague and open-ended – I like to think of blurring the notion as to if there is any questioning of anything at all… Otherwise, rooms are organised for their individual purposes in specific relationships to the surrounding landscape in an attempt to generate spatial richness and offer variety and friction between spaces – because I believe this can be enough to conceive a house… or at least nearly enough.