Logan Amont
Born (Cleveland, US) 1983. Studied at the Academy of Architecture, diploma cum laude (Mendrisio, CH) and at DAAP (Cincinnati, US). Apprenticed as a gardener (Kyoto, JP). Apprenticed as a carpenter to a wooden boat builder (New Hampshire, US). Trained as an architect in the offices of Balkrishna Doshi (Ahmedabad, IN), Shigeru Ban (Tokyo, JP), Peter Zumthor (Haldenstein, CH) and Studio Mumbai (Alibaug, IN). Traveled throughout USA, India, Japan, Switzerland, Mexico, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Northern Italy, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Germany, and Greece. Invited as a guest critic at Seika University, Department of Architecture (Kyoto, JP) 2010. Received 1st Prize in an open competition to design a summer pavilion for z33 House of Contemporary Art (Hasselt, BE) 2014. Awarded the SIA Master in Architecture Prize (Zürich, CH) 2014. Public lecture at Technische Universität München (Munich, DE) 2015.

Collaborations & Thanks
Yoshinobu Aiba, Taiko Amont, Ganesh Bala, Bänziger Hug, Barão-Hutter Atelier, Felipe Fankhauser Bergental, Ueli Frischknecht, Klemens Grund, Liaohui Guo, Elmar Heimbach, James Jamison, Atelier Nido, Teppei Nomoto, Annika Staudt, Jon Stollenmeyer, Francesca Torzo, Andrew Wallace, z33


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